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Losing Employment is painful. Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with Our Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys is Painless

Utah Bankruptcy Because of Job Loss

It has been said that we are living through the “Great Recession”. Regardless of whether economists label our national economy a recession or tell the media that the national economy is improving, when one is underemployed or unemployed their personal economy is far more important than the national economy. Job loss is not only extremely financially disruptive as paying versus not paying certain bills is weighed carefully, but job loss is extremely emotionally disruptive as much of one’s identity and what bring self-esteem can be tied up in what one does for work.

Integrity Law’s Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys are sensitive to the many issues surrounding job loss. Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide debt relief and a fresh-financial start as one begins to pick up the pieces caused by an unfortunate loss of work.

Leading Cause of Bankruptcy - Job Loss

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