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How to File Bankruptcy In Tooele,Utah

Free Bankruptcy Evaluation

1. Free Evaluation

An Integrity Law Utah Bankruptcy Attorney determines eligibility for bankruptcy through a thirty minute in-person or telephone consultation. During this conversation we discuss your debts, assets, and develop solutions to your financial difficulties.

2. Affordable Fees

At Integrity Law we understand that if one had money to pay bills they wouldn't be considering bankruptcy. To ensure affordability we accept smaller monthly payments as one informally begins the bankruptcy process and allow creditors to be directed to our office upon initial payment.

3. Docs & Discharge

Accuracy and completeness is essential to ensuring a complete debt discharge. Unlike other firms, Integrity Law pays for a full 3 bureau credit report to leave no stone unturned. After specific requested documents are returned and input, a bankruptcy case can be filed and a 341 Meeting of Creditors will be scheduled. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge typically results within a few months.

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