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Credit Card Debt is painful. Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with Our Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys is Painless

Utah Bankruptcy Because of Credit Cards

Financial gurus cry for “plastic surgery” i.e., cutting up ones credit cards. However, contrary to clever credit card marketing that would have us believe that credit card users are purchasing luxury items and living lavishly, many responsible individuals use credit cards as a last ditch emergency in order to get by day-to-day until employment is found or health is restored. Unfortunately, when the introductory teaser is over, and one goes over their credit limit or miss payments, credit card company collectors are not sympathetic. Credit card companies and the shareholders profiting who own them want individuals to pay minimum payments in perpetuity and add insult to injury by increasing interest rates and tacking on excessive penalties.

Integrity Law helps credit card users who see years of minimum payments, high interest rates and excessive penalties taking a toll on their financial prosperity receive a bankruptcy fresh start with a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Leading Cause of Bankruptcy - Credit Cards

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