341 Meeting Locations

Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Meeting

Ken Garff Building

405 S. Main Street

Suite 250A or 250B

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


* This is not the Federal Court House or Matheson Court House. There is a $4 parking lot on the west side of the Ken Garff Building.

Provo Bankruptcy Meeting

Provo Library

550 N. University Avenue

Room 308

Provo, Utah 84601


*Plenty of free parking at the Library.

Ogden Bankruptcy Meeting

Ogden Federal Building

324 25th Street

Room 6020

Ogden, Utah 84401


* You have to go through a metal detector before entering this building so plan extra time for this. There is free parking outside the building.

St. George Bankruptcy Meeting

Blvd. Office Building

Justice Court Entrance

87 N. 200 E.

3rd Floor, Suite 301

St. George, Utah 84770



You've finished gathering documents, reviewed and signed your petition and now it is time for your 341 Meeting of Creditors.

Where is the creditor 341 meeting held?

Depending on where you live, the 341 Creditor Meetings are held in Ogden, Salt Lake City, Provo and St. George.  

Tips to reduce stress

Make sure you show up at least 30 minutes early to avoid traffic, parking, and leaving important documents in your car.

What do I need to bring?

Social Security Card, Drivers License, Bank Statement with the filing date balance circled and which goes through the end of the month filed, most recent pay stubs, tax returns, and divorce decree if any.

Typical Trustee Questions

Each Trustee is different and has their own variation of questions. However, as long as one is truthful and gives complete audible answers there is nothing to worry. After being sworn in with "Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth under penalty of perjury? The Trustee then has you state your full name and the Utah Bankruptcy Attorney states his or her name as representing the debtor. The Trustee then views the original Utah drivers license and Social Security Cards.

The Trustee then asks the following:

Did you read and understand the bankruptcy information sheet?
Did you sign statement, schedules, and related documents are signatures yours?
Did you read them?
Are you familiar with information in them?
Are there errors?
Are there omissions?
Did you list all assets?
Did you list all debts?
To the best of your knowledge is the information you gave the court truthful and complete?
Are you still working for _____?
Filed another bankruptcy?
Is this copy of your tax return accurate?
What is your source of income or support?
Which vehicle do you drive?
Intentions with vehicles? Surrender, Pay and Retain, Reaffirm, Pay Off Completely
Where did you come up with that value? Tax Assessment?
Send me a copy of tax return as they are part of estate. Don’t spend any of the return.
Do you owe a Domestic Support Obligations (Child Support or Alimony)?
Are there any creditors with questions? RC Willey, America First.
You will then be excused.

You may receive Trustee directives to complete your tax returns or correct any petition or exemption errors.

What is the 341 Trustee meeting like and what will the Trustee Ask?

341 meeting Locations

&  Trustee Questions

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